Reliable, easy to integrate online payments

Code or No-Code, integrate your payment form in minutes

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Reliable Payments & more in a few lines of codes

Avoid SDK Issues and bugs

Use PayFlowly to skip using buggy and unreliable SDKs. This will also help you reduce your app's size and increase it's performance.

Fast integration

Integrate your payment gateway extremely fast and hassle-FREE. Integrate in minutes instead of months of coding, testing, and debugging.

Reliable Payments, Peace of Mind

Clarity on payments' status and what transactions failed with a complete log.

We will let you know if there are issues with your payment gateway provider.

Why PayFlowly

Helping you overcome key Payment issues

Development Resources

Payment gateway integrations require a lot of engineering time (research, understand docs, write the code, test the code, etc...) in order to implement them effectively. This costs you time & money!


Launch faster with PayFlowly because we already took care of this.

Payment Successful?

Due to connectivity or other issues, payment gateways may not communicate to your system the status of the order in time, leading to unwanted issues that could impact your customers' experience.


We double check with payment gateways to understand the status of the orders and then update your system.

Payment Gateway Might not Work for You

Developing and testing a payment gateway is a lengthy process and you may ultimately want to switch to a different provider.

With PayFlowly, you can quickly test your payment process in minutes!

Is it Working?

Payment gateways are not always as reliable as you may think. Sometimes, their endpoints or SDK fails for unknown reasons.


We track and report any issues with your payment gateways!

Losing Paying Customers

Payment gateway endpoints can take too long to respond and your customer can fall through the crack and decide not to re-try again.

(Coming soon!): We take care of checking and reminding the customer at a later time if needed.

Customer's Card Issues

Customer's credit card may not work on the first charge or they might need to pay any outstanding fees to be able to purchase from you.

(Coming soon!): We communicate with customers to encourage them to pay.

Connect it, it will take care of things!

Works with Payment Providers

Using PayFlowly is Easy

How it Works

Make a simple HTTP request – that’s it.

					curl POST ''
--data-urlencode 'items=[{
   name:"Nestle Fitness Toasties Honey Mustard – 36G – 1 PC",
   name:"Sante جرانولا مكسرات بزبدة الفول السوداني - 500 جم",
}]' \
--data-urlencode 'total=64' \

Also works with

We help you overcome Payment issues facing startups

Many transactions were failing without us knowing. The payment gateway's SDK kept failing for unknown reasons. We use PayFlowly now.

Dr. Abdulrahman Hariri

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View the responsive checkout on your desktop or through your mobile device.

Test your payment flow in 5min or less!

Leave the headache of payments reliability, integration & uptime to us!

Whether you have an existing business or just starting and want to quickly test your payment flow and UX…

Integrate your new reliable & lightning-fast checkout page and see the difference!

Basic Plan

Allows you to go live and get paid
$ 2% Comission
  • Test your payment flow in minutes
  • Your own payment gateway
  • Multiple apps/products support
  • No SDK or clutter

Incubator/Accelerator Projects

Test your ideas and enter a market faster
$ 5% Comission
  • No effort to start testing or to get paid
  • No need to use any payment gateway
  • Get paid through us
  • No SDK or clutter


For larger volumes (Higher than 1m SAR yearly sales)
Contact for custom pricing
  • Large volume pricing
  • Go Live
  • Multiple apps/products support
  • No SDK or clutter

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we test PayFlowly?

You can start integrating and testing PayFlowly within your apps (Web & Mobile) directly after signing up, using our testing environment.

We believe you will quickly appreciate how fast & easy it is to integrate!

What payment gateway providers do Payflowly support?

Currently, we support:

  • Tap Payment
  • PayMob
  • Fawri (Soon!)
What are the requirements to Go Live with Payflowly?

Once you have finished testing & integrating PayFlowly, you have two options to proceed to production:

1) Use PayFlowly’s Payment gateway (FASTER  OPTION)

You may request to move to production through your dashboard. To be eligible, you must complete the relevant form to help us understand your business.

To qualify to use this option:

  • You must be a registered business
  • Or an incubated startup in the early phase (Must supply a letter from your local registered incubator/accelerator).

This is a much faster approach that is recommended for startups and projects in the early stages and while entering the market, as the goal is to quickly launch and validate.

2) Add your own payment profile

You may add your own payment account. You would need to have an active account with one of the supported payment gateway providers.

How fast can we integrate PayFlowly in our workflow?

Literally minutes, if you have the necessary experience!

What if I am not a developer/technical but want to use PayFlowly?

PayFlowly can be used with most, if not all, no-code tools & services like Zapier or Make (Previously called Integromat).

All you have to do is pass the data from your no-code system or tool of choice to your PayFlowly URL and you will get a URL in return.

You can show this URL in an in-app browser or a web page or send it to their email or SMS. Your options are limitless!